Infectious diseases can easily be eliminated by adopting basic precautionary measures. It’s time to make preventive healthcare a common practice. It save millions.

Who are we

Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Foundation is a non-profit organization that envisions strengthening and building up a strong façade against infectious diseases in Pakistan. It is registered with 501© status in the United States and registered with SECP (1350) in Pakistan. We are striving for a paradigm shift in the healthcare system by focusing majorly on preventive health.


Our mission is to reduce the burden of infectious diseases through capacity building of healthcare providers and providing quality treatment to the public.


Infection-free Pakistan.

In this battle against infectious diseases, we are certain that your continuous support and determination will lead us to our destination.

Our Programs

Early detection and the availability of equitable and sustainable health services pave the way to breaking the chain of transmission.

We envisioned establishing dedicated centers for the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. Each center will provide free quality services to 10,000 deserving patients annually.

We believe in educating people with proper guidelines on the prevention and control of infectious diseases.

A unique platform to provide free online doctor’s consultations, lab tests advice, prescriptions, and information about vaccines to people suffering from deadly infectious diseases.

Join Our Volunteer Force

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Volunteer force aspires to create a Hepatitis-free community, by spreading awareness and exercising preventive interventions in community.


VFAHT is the largest student-based volunteer body that works for public health in general, and infection prevention and control in particular. It has 25 established local chapters and more than 2000 active volunteers in medical, dental, and allied health, and other colleges and universities across Pakistan. The student body dedicatedly follows the vision of the IPAC Foundation, by helping to reduce the burden of infectious diseases through organizing and participating in public awareness and community health projects.... Learn more